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to the moment when nature told me everything

by Rachel Baila

it is a death time—

            spiral moving outside

and within itself.


            orange bleeds from bark.

leaves drop one by one.

            how will my children keep warm


as years drag dust from their bodies,

            tearing away at poised pulses and

amaranthine existences?


            all i know of life

as contained in that

            single unknowing.

About the Author

Rachel Baila is a poet and holistic healing practitioner based in Tennessee. She’s also the editor of Fauxmoir and has work published (or forthcoming) in Emotional Alchemy Mag, Scarlet Leaf Review, Poeming Pigeon, Poet’s Choice, Beyond Words Literary, and Closed Eye Open. She also loves cheese—except for Swiss—and has an unhealthy obsession with travel and change. She can be found on Instagram @baila_rae and @fauxmoir_lit_mag and on Twitter @baila_rae and @fauxmoir.

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