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To Anyone Within Earshot

by Robert Grant

To anyone within earshot

it was a head-snapping screech.


But by then we were witness

only to what happened after:


The man with scared, guilty

eyes exited his vehicle

to check on the woman

lying next to her bicycle—


its front tire warped and immovable,


the rear tire


            making its










“I’m okay,” she said.


But she was just a finger snap away.


                 .    .    .


A week later, I saw that same man run that same stop sign.

About the Author

Robert Grant is a poet-screenwriter whose poems have appeared in DASH Literary Journal, Mudfish, The Esthetic Apostle, etc.—as well as on numerous unsolicited postcards to family and friends. Recently, he helped a retired US Air Force colonel write his memoir. He is currently at work on a family drama (screenplay).

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