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The Turtle

by Min Ji Park

Too often I find myself

Roaming the aisles

Of my local pet store.


I watch the turtles

In their ten-gallon universe,

Swimming and basking.


But today,

The yellow shells and red eyes

Spoke to me.


“Why do you come to see us?”

The turtles asked.

“We know you won’t take us home.

You just take what you

Need from us, and leave.”


“I don’t know”

I replied.

“Sometimes I wish

I was the turtle.”



They say.

“We won’t be here next week.

But you will.”

About the Author 

Min Ji Park was born in South Korea and raised in Hong Kong. While attending New York University she began writing poetry. She has Autism Spectrum Disorder and considers poetry a useful tool in conveying thoughts and ideas that she previously had found difficult to communicate or understand. She has previously been published in Poets Choice.

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