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The sky is a wonder every day

by Jane Ehrenfeld

Every day the sky is a wonder. Cast your mood aside and look up! Did you wake from a troubled sleep? The sky is on fire! Is your thudding heart shuddering your ribs with an agonizing rhythm? Grey has never been so luminous. What slumps you, slows you, lead-fills your veins? Don’t miss a minute of the speed-of-wind changing beauty! It is not for you, but neither is it not for you. This blue is your child’s favorite color. This reminiscent crimson is a smile. Whatever your landscape: splendor! It does not hurt to be small underneath this bowl of glorious infinite. You are not far from me with the sky as the measure. Everything can be said, and nothing needs to, under this stretching, generous sky. Look up!

About the Author

Jane is an educator, lawyer, writer, mediator, (single) mom, and daughter, among other things. She reads everything she can get her hands on. She plays Scrabble to win (is there any other way?). She plays the guitar (badly), and loves rambling in the woods with her three daughters and her dog. Her writing has been published in The Washington Post, Quartz, The Huffington Post, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, Slackjaw, and Beyond Words (forthcoming).

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