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The Leaves are Falling

by Mark Tochen

Fall wraps me round,

spatters of rain herald

hoodie weather

deciduous trees undecided

between leaves of green,

rusty red, or lemon yellow

turning to sere brown

tumbling to the ground

I cannot stop thinking

of a girl who greeted me

in the freshness of spring

with evergreen hopes

a halo about her

outlined by a sun’s ray—

that green fresh girl is gone

and I remain with her successor

left with colors of fall

become heedless brown

tumbling to the ground

and I recall a spring of bliss

every wind-whisper a kiss—

in my memory she has kept

that promise of spring

but spent is her beauty

only her fidelity stands

like a tree trunk in fall

surrounded by dead leaves

green promises turned

yellow or red to brown

as our hopes of forever

tumble to the ground

About the Author

Mark Tochen is a writer, a physician, a family man. He was educated with an English major in college, then medical school, four years of hospital training, drafted into the US Navy during the Vietnamese war, then a long career of medical practice and administration. All the bio points are useful for supporting relationships--kids and grandkid, dear wife who in her diagnosis of Alzheimer's gives him a reason to write--poetry, personal journal, and correspondence flow when all sustain him in daily life.

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