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Strangers Like Me ft. Pride Rock

by Osamase Ekhator

He left with her this morning.

Taking the memories with him;

our child

hood. Swinging away.

I never realized he was different

till they came back,

called me a “gorilla”

and told him,

“act like a gentleman.”

He was able to go home.

And I was envious of that,

till I realized,

this was home.

All he left

as a parting gift,

was a hanging man

in the trees.

You planted a seed in me long ago

but times like these

make me die

just a bit.

That’s why

I wait

for my Nala

to bring me back

to my roots

somewhere in Kenya.

About the Author

Osamase Ekhator is a Boston College graduate and a life time poet. He recently released his first chapbook, 'Situationship' and you can get a copy of the book here. His work has also been published in the Cathexis NorthWest Press and AZURE.

From the Editor

Want more of Osamase's work? Follow him on Instagram, @osamasetorbest

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