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St. Patrick's Day

by Ron Tobey

callused labor
Irish hands
potato biscuits bacon
muddy land
rocky fields never done
books in wax paper
cold rain school
raw freedom

About the Author

Ron Tobey grew up in north New Hampshire, USA, and attended the University of New Hampshire, Durham. He has lived in Ithaca NY, Pittsburgh PA, Riverside CA, Berkeley CA, and London UK. He and his wife now live in West Virginia, where they raise cattle and keep goats and horses. Ron writes from personal experience primarily poetry of place, about the labor class, and the world of work. His poems have appeared in Constellate (UK), Prometheus Dreaming, Fishbowl Press Poetry, Truly U Review, Nymphs, Line Rider Press, Bonnie’s Crew (UK), Broadkill Review, and The Cabinet of Heed (UK). Poems are forthcoming in Better Than Starbucks, The Failure Baler (UK), Truly U Review, and 3 Moon (Canada).

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