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Spoken Like One With Impermanent Loss

by Magnolia Paisley

Darling, I’m a nightbird

who forgot her wings

in a world of creation

where these tools feel

unorthodox for my hands.

Darling, I feel no remorse

for your loss, you should

Have expected me to go,

for like transient murmurations

we humans with four hands

create something wonderful

with the eventuality

of something nothing.

Do not fret, our love

is not lost yet.

Give it time,

give it time,

for everything we made

to breathe and die.

About the Author

Magnolia Paisley is a male-to-female transgender writer and student enrolled to attend Reed College in the fall of 2019. She tries to keep her writing influenced by her own experience living and loving as a transwoman, while trying to not draw too much from her experience with gender dysphoria.

From the Editor

Want more? Check out her instagram @paisley.paisley.paisley

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