Someday I'll Love the Princess

by Sara Karim

handing wads of euros

        to a red-faced boy named


I wore a yellow dress

        and a yellow headband

        and my yellow shoes

        were stained with acetone

And then a girl slapped me

        in the face outside of

        science class.

        The teacher’s smoke-filled

        presence rose up the

        staircase when she did.

I was thirteen

        I spoke of a dark cloud

        as my stalker

        a self-fulfilling prophecy.

        I am prophetic.


        I drank, I drank, I said I drank

        twelve pills

        a self-fulfilling prophecy.

        When I drank

        I was fifteen.

        I vomited

        onto a burgundy carpet,

        The elevator music


About the Author

Sara Karim is originally from Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. She is a psychology student at Southern New Hampshire University. Her poetry has previously appeared in Cathexis Northwest Press, Storm Cellar Quarterly (forthcoming), the Underground Journal, Blue Monday Review, and the American Aesthetic.

From the Editor

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