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by Adam Schechter

One year since the heat of drunks screaming and cockroaches plotting beneath my cutting boards we threw the windows open to better see the mattresses across the street I knew then that they were coming for me too but we did our best with a jute rug and paintings of fire chrome and amber glass from across the island one night I saw a couple making love in the building with the outdoor mattresses windows thrown open clear as Orion it made me think of that last night and how I dreaded you I peeled you off like sunburnt skin leaving only your eucalyptus roses only one year but look at what has happened since.

About the Author

Adam Schechter grew up in South Dakota and earned a Bachelor of Music degree from Indiana University. He currently resides in Montreal, Quebec, where he is pursuing a Master of Music degree at McGill University. His poems are forthcoming in Cathexis Northwest Press.

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