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Self Remedial

by Madison Helbig

Hair like pinwheels from the constant twirling,

hands crumpling my pockets.

I promise you I haven’t given up

on learning to love myself.

I threw away all of my sheet masks, unfollowed every

Instagram page exclaiming

Happiness is a choice.

Choose wisely.

I instead raided my brain’s lost and found

and found myself tossing a kite

towards the trees. I don’t want to be

a piece of bright plastic

on a dingy string, waiting for something

to sweep me away.

I want to be the wind.

About the Author

Madison Helbig (she, her, hers) is pursuing her MFA through the NEOMFA program. After getting a degree in education, she found herself drawn back to Akron. Her work centers around femininity, the journey to self love, and overall just trying to make the prepubescent version of herself proud. If she's not writing, you'll find her screaming along to songs in her car.

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