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See Me

 “See Me” was inspired several years ago by a combination of three experiences:    1) growing up in the Deaf world; 2) a brief period of mental health challenges; 3) and simply living as a woman in America.  

Bio: Born and adopted in Luxembourg, Kelly Sargent grew up with a deaf twin sister in Europe and the United States. Her articles, essays, artwork, and poetry have been published in numerous magazines. Fluent in ASL, she has worked as an interpreter and wrote for SIGNews, a national newspaper for the Deaf.  Her most recent 2021 poems will appear in Kingfisher Journal, The Purpled Nail (Underwood Press), and Wingless Dreamer. Her artwork in 2021, including a current Best of the Net nominee, was featured in the U.S. and abroad in publications such as Awakened Voices, The Bookends Review, Sheepshead Review, and Beyond Words. She currently volunteers as a reviewer for an organization dedicated to showcasing works by sexual violence survivors.

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