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Schoolboys in Dara'a

by Sofia Skavdahl

“…[it] came not from the organized opposition in Damascus or Aleppo or any other major Syrian city, but from the graffiti cans of school boys in a run-down border town halfway to the desert” —GlobalPost 

The schools were closed

and they were on holiday, 

poor, paint was dirt cheap,

they wanted to be journalists,

to be president, to borrow Professor’s

convertible, risk the snow, drive

into latitudes, whole, young

lives lived without fear, as they should

have been, deliberate or

coincidental. When Sa’id said

he painted horses,

the rest wanted to see. Blue

mustangs, manes twisted

into dusk, kicked up Picasso

squares, they thought 

might there be a similar world

of our own creation close, 

one more colorful and 

might we have a place in it?

About the Author

Sofia Diane Skavdahl is an award-winning poet & researcher. She has forthcoming publications in Academy of American Poets, Raw Art Review, Peace Review, & the 2019 Generative Art Collection.

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