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Roommates Always

by Dr. Scott Urquhart

Good morning

Hello how are you

Ah well

Since you asked

My heart has been

Ripped through my eyes

You know


I’m sitting on the couch

Wishing for comfort

That’s so far away

And wanting to 

Time travel with liquid

But those days are behind me

And I let her know

Said she hopes

For similar self-restraint

Asked me how I am

I apologized for unsent messages

And told her how I felt

How I really liked her

How I really like her

And she said that’s ok

You don’t have to be sorry

And I said something else

Leading to the topic of isolation

Said she likes to be alone

I get it

It’s the majority 

of my life

you know

I’d like to share it

About the Author

Dr. Scott Urquhart is a melancholic world traveler and student who uses his free time to sit in the dark and wallow in grief and pity.

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