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Reading Comprehension

by Veronica Habashy

Reading Comprehension: Please read each question thoroughly and carefully (if you wish), and leave an answer of at least 2 childhood dreams below.


  1. In paragraph three of page six, Felix retaliates against his mother by telling her that flowers can, in fact live inside. Give an example of one other item that can tolerate cold, artificial air, bottomless arguments, and untasteful furniture. Keep your answer within a length of approximately 3-5 sentences.




  1. At the end of paragraph seven on page eight, when James’ sister describes the downstairs piano as a “killing machine” that “must be stopped”, is she speaking about the piano, the music it produces, or the people who produce the music? Elaborate: are we actually the killing machines? Must we be stopped? By whom? When confronted with a paradox you cannot explain, congratulate yourself and move onto the next portion of the exam. Your answer must be at least 6 sentences.




Now you have completed the reading comprehension for section two of this exam. You may now continue on to section three on page 11.


Proceed with caution.

About the Author

Veronica Habashy is the perfect example of our Friday Aspiring Creatives series. She is is fourteen years old and a freshman from Los Angeles, California. Her work has been printed in The Round out of Brown University and not much else, but she's always looking (!).

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