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by Chello Solaperto

he asked me what is wrong and

i was so scared i asked,


have you ever felt something actually soul crushing?


have you ever met your soulmate and walked away?


have you ever had a bad dream that lasted the entire night?


have you ever known the feeling that you were about to die?


have you ever heard the sounds of space?


or more importantly the rings of saturn?


i’m asking,

doesn’t it worry you that the universe 

is screaming all the time and

we just pretend not to hear it?


can you still love me after

i made you remember the monsters

that hid under your bed when 

you were a child and how lonely

the world felt before you learned

to stop listening to it?

About the Author

Chello is a trans artist working within the mediums of literature, performance art, and media. Her poetry is an anthology that navigates coming of age through the lenses of gender, race, and love. She works to imagine a better world, and then creates it within her body of poetry, performance art pieces, and film works.

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