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Between the Woodchips and Me

Robert Ball

Mengistu's Jacuzzi

Tej Rae


Ella Shively

No Dogs Go Hungry

Latthapol Khachonkitkosol


Zachary Loewenstein

Cue the Fog

JG Sarmiento

The Road Trip

Ellen Leary 

Of Priceless Art Found at a Highway Rest Stop

Frank Morris

I Am Bigfoot

Paul Crehan

The Fourth

HG Gray


Zach MacDonald

What Is It Like to be Delusional?

Sarah Myers

No One's Going to Bring You Cake

S. Taylor

Breakfast with Schrodinger's Husband

Lara O'Connor

The Harder Problem

H Sarah Blumenthal

A Girl Grows in Brooklyn

Maria Prudente

We All Scream

J Miller


Rick Pryll


Linda Collins

What Can Be Saved

Sakeenah El-Amin

Part of the Furniture,

Part of the Family

Loretto Leary


Sam Taub

Driving Force

Olivia Lowenberg


Donna Gartshore


Kaitlyn Kretsinger-Dunham

Keep Your Windows Closed

Ningning Sun

Midnight Messages with Rachel

Sam Cooke


Jennifer Giacalone


Liz Wasson Coleman


Christopher Lane

Stands a Boxer

Andrew Sarewitz


Kirsten Schilling

Coca-Cola, Hippies, and Two (Ex)-Amish Women

Hope Nisly

A Shimmer in the Parlor

Amanda Crum

Feedback on the A String

Jonathan Jones

Little Jesus

Juan Rodriguez

Too Much of Water

Sonia Hamer

April in June

Brooke Parry

Golden Hour

Cameron Walker

Publishers Love Teenage Readers, and Other Party Lines

Melanie Moyer

My First Confession

Phyllis Reilly


Frank Kearns

I Love You, But.

Serena Rodriguez

Digging with Wolves

Kelly Plante

The Pioneer of New York

Abigail Wessel


by Michele Lombardo

While You Lay Dying

Gloria Buckley

Woman in the Bridge

Claudia Geagan

Blue Roof

Pearl Abraham

Harold and Al,

All Covered in Fur

Andrew Sarewitz

The Bobcat

Amanda Noble

Where Comfort Can Be Found

David H Weinberger

This Was Supposed To Be Your Wedding Poem

But Now Is Just An Assignment for My Online Master Class With Billy Collins

Deborah Thomas

Be Here Now

Desiree Ultican

Garbage Patch

Alexander Jones


Paul Rousseau

Voice, Conscience, Community

Gregory Stephens

Left Behind

Jeanne Wilkinson

Kody Ford

By the Wayside

For a Shift at Exxon

Conor McNamara

Broken Boys

Serrana Laure

Tim Ryan

The Fort


Trevor Eichenberger


Robert Sachs

Ilgin Yldiz 

Rara Avis

You Never Came Back

Leon de la Garza

When I Had a Brother

by Ellen Maloney

  Shelly Harlow  

  The Year of Tears  


Kat Read

An Unfair Conflation

Nicholas Claude De Palma

Tamara Panici

Artificial Symphonies

A Beginning, a Middle,

an End

Phillippa Finkemeyer

Rain Dance

Robin Jeffrey

Kelsi DeStefano

Definition Of

I Am Autistic

Michelle Hoppe

The Hiss

The Things She Prays For

Annell Lopez

     To-Do List     

Nazli Karabiyikoglu

     Andrea Rinard     


Short Fiction, Essays, and Excerpts

My Asshole Friend Named OCD

by Matt Staff

The Wall

by Paulette Smythe


by Sarah Berger

Prose: Recent Books

The Half Metaphorical Meteor and the Mornings After

by Saanya Ali

Par Avion

by Jordan Faber

The Year I Lost My Ass

by Mark Walling

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