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(Please Forgive Me) Sadie

 by Aurora Bones

I think we both knew you were really talking about yourself when

you handed me the house plant,

a curling vine in a hanging basket,

& said, “She is very easy to care for.

She requires very little

sunlight & very little water.

She is unobtrusive,

a very quiet plant.

Won’t get in the way much at all,

or ask for much of your time.

She’ll let you know when she does occasionally need some care

-you can tell because her leaves will curl down a little.

Don’t worry about her.

She is very difficult to kill,

& doesn’t need much

to survive.”

About the Author

Aurora Bones is eternally curious about the relationship between the internal and external worlds. These days she spends much of her time teaching English at University, writing poetry, and reading fantasy novels. She is also (slowly) learning to play the ukulele, and enjoys planting sunflowers and hiking in aspen forests.

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