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Paper Thin

by Ron Lavalette

He knew all there was to know

about her. She knew all she

needed to know. There was paper

on the walls between them,

but the walls themselves

did not exist.


On Friday she came by

to borrow a little hot sauce.

She knew he had plenty.

He gave it to her.

He gave it to her good.


She came again on Saturday.

The whole building heard it.

About the Author

Ron. Lavalette is a very widely published poet living on the Canadian border in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. His first chapbook, Fallen Away, is now available from Finishing Line Press and at all other standard outlets. His poetry and short prose has appeared extensively in journals, reviews, and anthologies ranging alphabetically from Able Muse and the Anthology of New England Poets through the World Haiku Review. A reasonable sample of his published work can be viewed at EGGS OVER TOKYO:

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