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My Mother's Last Meal

by Vera Salter

She collapsed as she ate linguini  

with white clam sauce at her favorite  

Italian restaurant in London.


When I arrived at the hospital late

at night she was still angry

that strangers had opened her handbag.


The next day she asked me to cancel 

 her hairdresser appointment. 

As we talked in the evening 


she said  I don't want to die suddenly. 

I want to have time 

to prepare for death.


They brought her fried fish too greasy 

to eat. I asked for crackers 

at the nurses station.


The next morning she cried out 

as her aorta burst

About the Author

Vera Kewes Salter is aging with her husband in New Rochelle, New York. She is previously published in Prometheus Dreaming, Nixes Mate Review, Right Hand Pointing, Persimmon Tree, Red Eft Review and other publications.

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