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Moroccan Baby Shaker

by Natasha N. Deonarain

The girl he married rattles her baby at night

because he won’t settle for a nap. In snapshots, she covers seaweed eyes with honey-dripping hair, hunched faceless, shrouding a button-faced toddler with a potent veil. He peaks from below, startled unaware but determined, she thrusts her fist toward probing lights, fingers heavy with jagged rock. Thumb and hooked baby tug away from each other in a hang-ten sign that rips apart the palm of her heart who doesn’t yet know what to do about the girl he married.

About the Author

Natasha N. Deonarain is a prolific writer. Recent forthcoming poems will be published in Canyon Voices Literary Magazine Spring 2019. Her history includes winning second place in the 5th Annual Chandler-Gilbert Community College Stand and Deliver Poetry Slam Competition (2013) for her poem Gaia which was also published online at Poetry for Living Waters. Her poem Indigo was featured in The Little Red Tree International Poetry Prize Anthology (2012). She has also published numerous nonfiction works that have appeared on websites and in print including Kevinmd, GlobalTrends and various others. 

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