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Magic: The Gathering™ Constitutes my Dead Childhood

by Kevin Hauger

my brother and I used to brandish sticks in mock manhood

I lingered in the woods to outman my father and away

from my father I met children of grownup children

who pointed out great big knockers like melony eye-nectar


but Garruk Wildspeaker never stooped there in my flesh-florid dreams

his papery edges cut my overeager fingers, freshly ripped

from glossy plastic packs like plaster-sticky silk like lace 

against oilglossed renditions of second generation daydreams


about knockers: from whence did they sidle up to Garruk

the incorruptible, the fantasy without fantasy memorabilia,

selling beautiful selling boywonder back to the womb?

About the Author

Kevin Hauger graduated from The University of Notre Dame with a BA in Film, Television, & Theatre, and there concentrated his studies on literature and creative storytelling. His poetry has been published in High Shelf Press and Esthetic Apostle.

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