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Love Like a Farmer

by Rex Wilder

You know growing isn’t automatic,

Even if it’s growing old, or apart.

A good harvest depends on work,

An optimistic temperament on

The part of nature, & seedlings,

Plenty of seedlings. Don’t grow

Anything faster than the corn,

Wheat, or soy want to grow. You

Can’t force perfection, or even try

For it. Love as hard as you want

& see whatever golden crop shows

Up in your dreams, but love wise.

It’s not a game of dodgeball,

Water balloons, or even of thrones.

Love by not loving; give your soul

Quietly each day to people you meet,

Dogs, & new plots of the future.

When there is food on the table,

Feel the grace you say. This is what

It’s like to love with your clothes

On. Overalls will save your life.

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