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Los monstruos se los llevan

by Priscilla Sanchez

abuelas warn chiquitos about El Cucuy y La Llorona

monstruos que se llevan a los niños


El Cucuy is the monster 

beneath their beds, behind their closets

he hides within the dark shadows of the night

he takes children who don’t listen de avisos de las madres

away from their family and loved ones

he snatches children in broad daylight and dark evenings

on their street corners, their homes and beds


La Llorona is the monstress within the fog of unlit roads

she searches for children walking all alone

she takes children who wander after dusk

away into her unclear watery path

she snatches children in the chilling darkness

moments and minutes away from their homes


but they take different forms

los monstruos wear dark bulletproof vests

their hands are heavy with loaded rifles

El Cucuy also takes away good parents 

who drop their children off at school entrances

La Llorona also swims in the tears

of wailing handcuffed mothers and caged niños


abuelas warn chiquitos about La Llorona y El Cucuy

monstruos que se llevan a los padres y niños

About the Author

Priscilla Marie Sanchez is the Latinx daughter of Mexican immigrants. Her works revolve around her cultural and personal experiences with social/political themes. She received a B.A. in World Literature and History at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She calls herself a receptive bilingual as she grew up with Spanish but was vocally active in speaking it. She practices as often as she can in hopes of becoming fluent in the future. She resides in Los Angeles, California.

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