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Lonely Dead

Found Poetry (based on Marche, Stephen. “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?” The Atlantic, May 2012, pp. 60-69)

by Nancy Brashear

living in isolation

yet never more accessible more detached

huddling-together for warmth shuffling-away

in pain outsourced



mummified 50-Foot Woman, former Playboy playmate, horror-movie

icon lonely dead lonely dead lonely dead one year lonely dead 

in Benedict Canyon Home transfixed by the

glare of the [blue] screen


hungering for “real friends” 

(the kind you feel comfortable sharing

private details with) the permeating glow

in lonely dead                                      space(s)


       subject of 16,057 Facebook posts

881 tweets


gone viral

gone … 

About the Author

Nancy Brashear, Ph.D., wrote her first poem (about sitting in the fog on a bench with magical creatures swirling around her) when she was eight years old, and she’s been composing poetry and prose ever since. As an adult, she has published short stories and poems. She also has written three unpublished (so far!) novels. She is Professor Emeritus from Azusa Pacific University, has written articles and chapters for academic books, regularly writes blog reviews for The International Literacy Association (for children’s and adolescent literature), and has participated in poetry and short story readings. She met her husband when she was in the eighth grade with him, and she’s the proud grandmother of seven talented and independent young girls (some of whom are already budding writers), ranging in age from three to eleven.

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