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like a collapsed lung

by Candice Kelsey

A poem walks into a pandemic

and starts tearing up its lines 

to make medical grade masks 

tossing its punctuation 

tiny prayers 


darkening the emptiness 

between its stanzas 

with the names of the dead 

until only its title remains

like a collapsed lung. 

About the Author

CANDICE KELSEY's debut book of poetry STILL I AM PUSHING just released with Finishing Line Press. Her poetry has appeared in Poets Reading the News, Poet Lore, and others while her micro-chapbook THE PIER HOUSE is forthcoming with the Origami Poetry Project. She won the 2019 Two Sisters Writing's Steve Carr Contest, received Honorable Mention for Common Ground's 2019 Poetry Contest, and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Currently, she is working with the O, Miami Poetry Festival on an exciting project. An educator in Los Angeles for 21 years, she is devoted to working with young writers.

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