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Ignorance Still Inherits Attention

by Mervyn Seivwright

my 3-stripe shoes—no name, not

Filas, Chuck Taylors, Shell Top

Adidas, nor matching

Adidas sweats, Puma sweats, Nike

windbreaker, bubble vest. Humbled

in my plain jeans and t-shirt,

generated their jokes—Yo moma so

slow, fat, ugly, dumb. Picked at

my 3-stripe shoes—no name, not

suede Nikes, suede Pumas, suede

Ballys, nor matching fat laces,

spikes, Kangos, skullys, 

parachute pants for b-boying,

or gold teeth brothers in Miami

stuck with prison pants

too big to stay on, released

to pants still big—hanging off ass

with silk shirts, Fisherman caps

watching me walk wearing

my 3-stripes shoes—they called them,

bo bo heads.

About the Author

Mervyn R. Seivwright was born in London, England and resides in Tipp City Ohio. He has appeared in Park University's The Scribe publication, Dayton's Flights Literary Journal, Rigorous Journal, Toronto, Canada's The Trinity Review, pending publication with Montana Mouthful Literary Magazine, and has been commissioned by the British Museum, Ipswich, United Kingdom. Mervyn is currently studying for an MFA with Poetry concentration at Spalding University, Louisville KY.

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