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I Wanna Be Jenna Marbles

            (a partially found poem from the YouTube videos of JennaMarbles)

by Crystal Condakes

I wanna be tall

I wanna be red

hair and velvet

cupcakes the gluten-

free kind so Julien

can eat them

I wanna be a dream

come true

I wanna be a song

off key thick

eye-liner wings all

the colors hair could

imagine being

Peach-y the tired

sigh in Kermit’s

chest released

crushed-up vitamin C

I wanna be a big-ass

pool a chair made of jeans

every sharp staple

I wanna be a yellow

fuzzy coat and stand-up

hair rubber gloves

I wanna be taller than I am

I wanna be more than

wax a chemical patent

I want to be remembered.

About the Author

Crystal Condakes is a graduate of the Creative Writing Program at Boston University. She lives in Massachusetts and works at her public library. Her poems have appeared in Oddball Magazine; Mom Egg Review; Soundings East; The Compassion Anthology; Tupelo Quarterly.

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