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I attribute this not only to you but to myself

by Carolina Lawson

I think of you when I put on my socks-

When my hair is wet-

And when the air is laden with sleepiness,

And I lay naked in my bed

(aside from my socks),

I think of you…


Because we have spent many a night tangled up in only socks

And kisses.


Before I knew you,

My body was a nebula,

My mind, better known, a star-

And I did not know how to govern my own creating power-


Before I knew you,

Love was an enigma

And its caress a taboo-


But now, with you

There is not only an alignment of stars,

But also the threads of socks

All scattered in the sky,


And I feel more at peace with myself:


My own creating power-

My desire-

My blood-

My body-

My cycle-

My socks-


So that, at night, when I lay awake,

I can dream of and act on touch


And know that I am good.

About the Author

Carolina Lawson is an aspiring writer and student at Florida State University.

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