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by Diana Arnold

History also interests me, just differently.


You know dates

You know facts

You memorized even

A paragraph or two

When you were younger

To drop in to

Some future conversation


But no matter gentleman, I know feelings.


I know which street corner

Where the light hit your collar

How much salt was on my skin

And which day of the week it was when you failed me.


I too have a good memory, it’s just for better things.


Your facts are for the public

They are not unique

Anyone can know them

But I -

I am an historian


I cite the personal


Haven’t you learned yet

That the more specific you get

The more you become universal

About the Author

Diana Arnold is a poet who uses form as function to distill moments of divinity in our lives. Diana’s work can be seen at Dixon Place Main Stage, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Parkside Lounge, and The Triad Theatre in New York City. Previously, her poem 'Seeds' was published by Mad Gleam Press in 2017, and her short story 'Refrain' was published by Toby Press in 2010.

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