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Heaven and Earth

by Natasha McLachlan


She  stood on the front of the car,

feet sprinkled

with dust, dancing

madly in the desert.

See, her beauty was found

in the moon, and acacia,

and the whiskey running

through her veins.​ This

was a star child--her

brokenness illuminated now

against the night’s sky.


You were a friend once. Sat cross-

legged together and looked in the

sky. We left our mark on earth in

worn grass and swallowed the sunset

with hellish eyes.


Old love,

suppose I fell

in your hands tonight,

the arc of my back

like the moon

at your fingers

Would you catch me?



You look at me

with moon beam eyes

and a t-shirt you wore

the day before.

It smells of fresh linen

and cigarette smoke.

And as we both sit

motionless on the street curb

walls I never knew

came crashing down,

striking the earth

around me.


Tell me--

How long

will you




it was the way she shifted toward the

arc of the moon. gentle, yet anxious--


a fallen star of her own.

About the Author

Natasha McLachlan is a poet currently living in Southern California. She
holds a Bachelor’s in Writing and Literature from California College of the
Arts. She aims to create work that refreshes the soul in an often frantic
society. When she is not writing, she is spending time with her family and
bonding with her 9 siblings, whom she considers her best friends. Her
inspiration comes from the moons and stars around her, nature being her
greatest muse.

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