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by Liana Minassian 

Velvet ghost, 

your sheet a whisper.


Soft haunts

tingle tiny hairs.


Shoulders shudder

with a breath of wind.


Cinnamon and sweat’s 

slow-motion dance


hangs in time —

caught in dusty sunbeams.


I lay in their

golden innocence, 


enchanted by a past life’s 

bittersweet apparition


the fabric of

a broken heart’s slow burn.


About the Author

Liana Minassian is a California-based and South Florida-bred writer and editor. Her writing can be found across the internet on such websites as Food Revolution Network, ScreenRant, and Thought Catalog, or via her Website She’s also a photographer and filmmaker, producing the Harry Potter fan film ”Severus Snape & the Marauders” with her husband.

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