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Hades' Rubbernecker

by William Pedlow

They had to pull me thrashing

into this world and they’ll have

to pull me out the same way.

First time, I peed on the doctor.


I’ve seen things.

saw Hades tell Cerberus

he was a good boy twice,

and skip the third head.

an honest mistake

but at least he had the good sense

not to complain when his

hand was bit clean off.


Terrible but it was that sort of

interplay between nature and will

that made a rubbernecker out of me.

About the Author

William Pedlow is a poet, novelist, and Park Avenue Doorman. He writes silly little poems in his head while operating an extravagant 100 year-old Otis elevator. His work has been featured in Cathexis Northwest Press and on Instagram.

From the Editor

Want more of William's work? Follow him on instagram @williampedlow

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