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"Game Night"

by Julie Labuszewski

            “It’s Game Night,” announced the mom at dinner. After the meal, the family of five gathered around the Monopoly board set out on the living room carpet. They each selected their favorite metal token, then rolled the dice to see who would go first. They were off to a good start.

            Halfway around the board, things began to escalate.

            “You cheated,” said the dad to the oldest boy.

            “Did not,” said the eleven-year-old boy.

            “Did to.”

            “Did not.”

            The boy threw his Monopoly money into the air, kicked the couch, and stormed out of the room with his fists clenched. The other two boys—ten and six—lost interest and left. The mom returned to the kitchen to clean up.

            So the dad got out of jail, bought all the high-rent properties, and won the game.

About the Author

Julie Labuszewski’s work has appeared in The Maine Review, The Red Lemon Review, and Progenitor Art and Literary Journal.

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