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by Benjamin Carson

I’m thinking about moving to Duluth, not because I know anyone there.

I’ve never even been there, wherever it is. I just like how it sounds. Duluth.

I want to be able to say, “I’m from Duluth,” when someone, anyone, asks. 

And when they ask me how it is, I’ll say, “Duluth is Duluth” in a way that makes

them think they’ve crossed some line, asked one too many questions, are out

of their depth, that it is not just the place that I am from but the place that 

shaped me, my very core, and that to talk about it would be akin to rending

a garment at Gethsemane, and that is something I am simply not willing to do.

I’m thinking about moving to Duluth. I just like the way it sounds. Duluth.

About the Author

Benjamin D. Carson lives with his dog Dora on the South Shore of Massachusetts. His creative work has appeared or is forthcoming in over a dozen publications, including Red Fez, The Ampersand Review, Cactus Heart, The Poetry Porch, Gyroscope, Yellow Medicine Review, Rumble Fish Quarterly, Dunes Review, Edify Fiction, and October Hill Magazine.

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