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Don’t believe the plants when they tell you they have your best interests in mind

by Christian Czaniecki (excerpt)

When I was young I was afraid

of everything I got older and realized

I was being overly conservative

Have you ever slept long enough

for your hair to change colors

A tree gone green to red

as a moment so bright that it breaks

every heart in existence

When I was a boy I was terrified

the trees were growing into my room

to carry me away. Every place I’d ever

seen was wonderful until I got there

& it was full of people or worse

I was alone

About the Author

Christian Czaniecki is a teacher, poet, and Fulbright scholar.  He completed his MFA at Queens University of Charlotte in 2007. After an extended hiatus from writing because life happens, his current work is in part inspired by experiences from traveling through Southeast Asia and New Zealand in 2018.  He is previously published in the literary journals of West Virginia University and the University of South Carolina Beaufort.

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