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Doing the Dishes

by AnneMarie Miles

Sometimes I cry when I do the dishes


because the dirt comes right off

and I wish it was that easy.


Soap suds all you need for a clean slate

maybe that’s why I shower so much

the heat on high in the summer

my skin sore red I don’t recognize it

and I’m finally seeing myself

I’m just like her and it won’t come off.


There’s no connection like a sponge and pasta sauce.

They just work and I want that.

Shiny and shimmery and you’d never know I splurged

on penne and frozen meatballs with canned marinara, 

garlic and basil

the empty feeling in the pit of my stomach

that will stay there.


Sometimes the dishwasher leaves red on my plastic

for once somebody gets me

everyone hates a clean dish that’s stained.

About the Author

AnneMarie Miles studied psychology at CSULB and Notre Dame de Namur University but is currently pursuing her passion for creative writing. She is a full-time mom living with her husband, daughter, and pitbull in Santa Cruz, Ca. AnneMarie finds joy in other crafts like jewelry making, cooking, and running.

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