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Daddy's Love was Enough

by Jasmine Harris

Daddy spewed linguist love

Not by saying superlatives but telling tales

Serving stories like water to an avid well

Anecdotal evidence hoping to propel,

guide, and anchor this ship

Cause as one drifts

Through this expedition, don’t be expeditious; rather selectively strategize,

selfish stewardship

Cause one missed method may result in a slip

And one skipped step could sink your battleship

Sunken and halted by mindless methodical misdirection

Daddy’s arms remained open,

even as he scolded,

providing a place for recollection

Persistent to remind me, peace comes before any outward succession

He would say, “Don’t let that be you...

Don’t you dare thrice cry over controls beyond you.”

Daddy trained us to pull-in reigns if tough road rides were too much

“Take care of yourself, “presented patiently polished, providing your own

table and cup

Daddy filled mine, saving me a seat

Filling me up

So I was and will always be rough, tough, abundantly enough

About the Author

Jasmine Harris is a secondary educator and published poet featured in the International Poetry Digest, Ink & Voices, Rigorous, etc. Author of, I May Have Been In My Feelings, focuses her writing on identity, relationships, and the climate of society. Harris frequently quotes her inspirations as Maya Angelou, Ntozake Shange, and Tupac Shakur.

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