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by Dilys Wyndham Thomas

then I tried to forgive

you said the years were burning

low and I needed to kneel

before the inevitable

like the women before me 

I crossed out my wax-sealed heart

practised prayers of contrition

and reconciliation

lit fifty-pence candles to 

blank-faced saints, their gazes

averted from whitewashed ceilings

spotlit in giftshop neon

the words lie

still on my tongue

About the Author

Dilys Wyndham Thomas (she/her) is a Belgian and British writer based in Amsterdam. She has lived in Saudi Arabia, Belgium, France, Germany, Jordan, the UK and the Netherlands. Dilys is an assistant poetry editor at Passengers Journal. She also organises a poetry feedback group and online events for Strange Birds Migratory Writing Collective. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Wild Roof Journal, Rust + Moth, Beyond Words and Willows Wept Review.

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