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by Abigail Diaz

god, up in heaven, watches me sleep. he's got those

lonely kind of eyes that i see in the mirror. the moon, his

one white tooth, shows me something new on

every night of my lengthening life.

this is venus, it says. this is mars. this is

the way people scream when they think no one can hear them.

i blink my eyes at him slowly and

imagine love. it's a gooey kind of feeling, i decide, like

god's own gums cushioning the moon.

About the Author

Abigail Diaz is an author of poetry and fiction. She has been published in the Sheepshead Review, the Ear Literary Journal, and the San Antonio Public Library's 2019 Young Pegasus Anthology, among other publications. She is currently a freshman at Texas State University, with hopes of one day publishing poetry and fiction full-time.

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