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by Henry Mai

To show you I’m serious I’ve cleaned out my ears and left

a big long boulevard just for you. Though if you had just

spoken a little louder, Maybe the Q-tip wouldn’t have

slipped and left a buzzing where bloody sirens used to be.


Inner ear damage can be a real catastrophe,

And I’m doing fine by the way, I just wished you would

have warned me about the vertigo that leads to an upset

stomach like I’ve just gulped down a gallon of tear gas.


Epictetus once said We have two ears and one mouth

so we can listen twice as much as we speak

Now that was a fine Greek. My one working ear,

I guarantee, is all yours.


why do you have to look so angry?

My tongue waggles only for you,

Should I jam it down your throat it is only

In desperation to understand


What it means to be choked by love.

My Hands caress you because it is I who am unsteady,

My Hands I need to prop myself up during dizzy spells

on the back of your neck.   

About the Author

Henry Mai is a recent graduate of the College of Wooster, who currently lives in Vermont.

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