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Adorn Your Enemies, Scorn Your Friends

by Max Savery

There, the crowd

and man stared back

no one he knew

anyone he could endure; that neither


nor there 

next, took his pants to the fire walked 

on his hands


in the obligatory heap

applause deafening 


deafened by the fall no applause 

at all 


At the bar that night,

the child approached

really brave of you

child said

replied, kid, what are you doing in a bar, get out of here

get lost

eyes watering, she ran away before he could 

say sorry

for the gruff tone

bought another drinkthenanother

business as usual

staggered home


Cat waited by the door 

when he stumbled in 

smiled, because he knew the cat didn’t mind 


no matter the tears spilt 

in other dimensions, lifetimes, etcetera

like when he was the crow in New York for a while

the delivery truck hit him that

put an end to that

truck is not your friend

friends don’t do that to one another

he couldn’t forget that


Cat turned 

anus elevated

strode down the hall

following what did he expect: 


drinking from the toilet

man knelt too

lapped along too

nearly brushing cat’s whiskers 

with his own prickly cheek

About the Author

Max Savery currently lives in Takoma Park, Maryland, where he spends his free time painting, writing poetry and short stories, and, recently applying for graduate school in statistics. 

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