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about us

We are an online cultural magazine dedicated to publishing art, prose, poetry, and anything else we can get to the public. We accept work from both aspiring and established artists and writers, and are dedicated to fostering a creative and supportive community.

About Us: About Me

a journal for today's world

Arts journals have suffered. We hate that. We are a vibrant and active answer to the problems that have plagued traditional magazines.

We are fast. 

We are a daily publication (except Mondays).

We respond in less than 7 days.

Every week will feature a different 48 hour  prompt with a goal of getting you out of your head and into your art. 

Most importantly, your work will look damn good. We take pride in the aesthetic value of our published works, and we know you will too.

About Us: About Me

Meet the Editor

David van den Berg is our founding editor. Originally from the Florida swamps, he graduated from Rollins College with a double major in Religion/Philosophy and Anthropology and a minor in Archaeology. He now lives in Los Angeles where he works as an actor and writer. He's also a student at Loyola Law School.

Favorite author? Kurt Vonnegut and Gabriel Garcia Márquez

Favorite film? Pan's Labyrinth

Favorite poem? Bluebird by Bukowski

Current project? A chapbook. Love Letters from an Arsonist

Drop him a line sometime. He loves to hear from his artists. Seriously.

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