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About the Love Poems

by Melanie Faith

The shy, overweight schizophrenic

in the blue sweater

who sometimes, while reading, tugged

at the hem of his sweater

wrote the most lyrical,

longing verse

in the entire workshop. We all wanted them

to be real in real life. We all coaxed: surely,

this part was a real part, wasn’t it?

He looked up, then

down at his hem. “No,” he smiled tenderly. “No,

I just write them. There’s no one

like this in my life.” In real life,

he made them up out of the imaginary

future; now I see with what greed

we wanted them for ourselves.

About the Author

Melanie Faith is a poet, fictionist, photographer, auntie, and professor. Her short stories were published in Red Coyote and SunLit Fiction. Her poetry most-recently appeared in Up North Lit and Meniscus and in Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review. Her photography recently appeared in Barren Magazine, Fourth & Sycamore, Harbor Review, Sum Journal, and And So Yeah. In 2018, two of her craft books were published– In a Flash!: Writing & Publishing Dynamic Flash Prose and Poetry Power (both by Vine Leaves Press and available at Amazon). Signed copies of her books are available at her Etsy shop here . Her next book, Photography for Writers, will be available in December 2019 from Vine Leaves Press.

Editor's Note

Want more? You can check out Melanie's blog here or check out her instagram

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