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A Short Twenty-First Century Narrative

by Nate Metz

Write a poem about the young boy

who spent his summers waving at purple

God in firm search for the

perfect place to view the sunset, a pilgrimage,

scaling ancestral stones and holy

trees, hopping fences, eyes

tied to the horizon, adventuring towards

a lesson we all can hear

but few listen and fewer learn,

in pursuit of the ruby sun’s

lucid whispers, to hear

some truth, shot dead by the neighbors

for trespassing on private property.

About the Author

Nate Metz (he/his) is an undergraduate writer attending Santa Clara University. He has previously been published in SCU’s The Owl (accepted, pending publication) and won first prize in the Shipsey Poetry Prize. As an avid reader and writer of poetry, he sees poetry as a sincere means for self-expression and a critical way to explore our shared humanity.

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