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Poetry as it was meant to be

Poetry was always an auditory experience. From the Homers and Hesiods of old to Irish bards and even now to modern Hip Hop, poetry was meant to be experienced and visceral.

But we're a literary journal. What can we do about that?


Every week we choose one poem (or a very very short short fiction piece) and record it being read aloud by a lovely performer, and then we share it with you.

This week we're featuring "Damask" by H. Sarah Blumenthal, read by the wonderfully talented Helen Day.

Check the text of the poem out here

Featured Artist

George Stein

What's Real What's Not

Acrylic on Canvas

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Amy Bobeda

And The Gardener


Tim Genovesi

just in case


Little Black Dress

J.T. Nash

about the journal

Prometheus is a titan of old. He is the fire thief. The life breather. A trickster deity and the author of the arts. Prometheus Dreaming is an online cultural journal dedicated to those things that make his sacrifice worthwhile. The depths of the soul. The oddities of life. Those things that live at the boundaries of human experience, and the downright weird. This is the place for the knowledge of dreams and the terror of the dark.

We are dedicated to publishing both established and aspiring writers. We believe in encouraging creativity in all forms, and strive to create an artistic community built on inclusion and mutual support.


Sunflower Seeds

Eloise Porter


Temporary Things

Sophie Hoss


Paul Rousseau

Alone Again